Sunday, October 7, 2012

Gold Skull Puzzle

Hello puzzle people!!!  It has been awhile since my last post.  I had a significant life event happen so things became a little crazy but I’m back now with a puzzle that I thoroughly enjoy.  The puzzle is called Gold Skull Puzzle, I received it from the nice people at Puzzle Master, and Bits and Pieces manufacture it.  Thanks guys :)  The puzzle is composed of 32 acrylic puzzle pieces that are contained in a clear plastic box.  The objective of this puzzle is to dump out the pieces of the puzzle and then fit then back in the box to form the golden skull.  The puzzle is straightforward and not very hard at all but the major appeal for me is that it is a golden skull!  Interestingly enough the center is hollow which makes for a great place to hide things.  Since Halloween is coming up this puzzle would make a kick ass gift box for a ring.  I put my ring in there just to see if it would fit and it did with a whole lot of room to spare.  Guys if you are thinking of popping the question to your lady then I would highly recommend this puzzle.  Hopefully she like skulls and doesn’t take the gift box in the wrong way…………  Uhmmmmm.  Well in any case it’s a cool looking puzzle and you can put stuff in it.  This is a spooky addition to my puzzle collection and I highly recommend it for its aesthetic appeal and possible use as a gift box.  You probably won’t need the solution because it is quite easy.  I hope that Bits and Pieces decides to make more of these puzzles.  I’d like to see anime characters, dragons, etc.  This is a great puzzle and gift box with the potential to reach a wider market with the introduction of different themes.  


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