Sunday, August 19, 2012

UFO Puzzle

Today I wanted to introduce the UFO puzzle.  It is an adaptation of a puzzle by Stephane Chomine.  I’ve been looking at his puzzle designs for a few months because they are awesome and I wanted to try to make one.  I decided to pick the Stick Belted Box because it reminded me of a UFO spacecraft.  The making of this puzzle was a lot of fun.  In fact, I liked making the puzzle more than blogging about puzzles, which I found surprising.

I wanted to take the design and make it my own so I decided to make it a 7 piece puzzle instead of the 6 piece puzzle found of the Stick Belted Box.  The materials include 9/16 inch wooden cubes that I found at hobby lobby, elmer’s wood glue, fine sand paper (320 grit), and a wood conditioner made of mineral oil and bee’s wax.  As I said, I thoroughly enjoyed making this puzzle.  Making the puzzle work correctly was challenging because there wasn’t a lot of room for error but I found that a little sanding was very helpful.  Looking back, I would have done things a little different.  Some calipers would have been helpful.  Although the knowledge gained from making the puzzle is invaluable. 

Once I finished the puzzle and had it in working order, I solved it several times because I was fascinated with the design of the puzzle.  Stephane did an excellent job designing this puzzle because it looks cool and it is a blast to solve.  There is room for improvement on my part but I am happy with this build.  I hope to start making my own designs in the future as well as continue to make mechanical puzzles.  A special thanks goes out to Stephane for designing this puzzle and to Stickman for providing advice that was very helpful. 


  1. A great start to puzzle craft with a complex puzzle

  2. Thanks Erhan. I see why you like to design and build your own puzzles. It really is a lot of fun.



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