Sunday, August 5, 2012

Lion in the Cage Puzzle

Have you ever wanted to free a fierce beast from the confines of its cage by pulling it out with your bare hands?  Well this caged beast doesn’t look that fierce and probably won’t bite but you may feel the bitter sting of frustration as you try to free it.  It helps if you give the lion a name.  I decided to call mine Alcatraz.  There are many variations of this type of puzzle.  For example, a dragon in a cage or an owl in a birdcage.  This puzzle comes from a company in the Czech Republic called Hryahlavolamy.  If you break down the word it is a Slovak phase which mean Games and Puzzles.  This is my second review of one of their puzzles.  The first one was a puzzle called Love Test Puzzle.  I really enjoyed that puzzle and this puzzle is no different.  

This is the first cage puzzle in my collection and I’m impressed with the quality of the build as well as its aesthetic appeal.  The goal is to remove the lion (Alcatraz) from its cage and then return it to solitary confinement when it needs a timeout.  I have to say that I am very fond of this puzzle.  The cage is very sturdy and the lion looks cool.  Without giving away too much, I will say that excessive force is not required.  If you are using excessive force, you are doing something wrong.  I know because I was being a bit too forceful at first but I adapted my method because I was worried that I would break the cage.  I didn’t end up breaking the cage.  I’m glad because I think this is one of my most attractive puzzles.  This puzzle isn’t super hard but it is a nice challenge especially if you have never tried this type of puzzle.  Currently Alcatraz is in his cage taking a nap probably dreaming of puzzles and honey glazed zebras.  I received this puzzle from Puzzle Master but there isn't a solution on their solution webpage.      


  1. I love these too! I have 4 of them now (mine came courtesy of Wil Strijbos) and they are particularly good on the shelf. My favourite is a limited edition - it's the Dino and box in a cage. The aim is to get them both out and to open the box! Really nicely made and fun to solve (with an unexpected ending). I may end up getting the rest of the series!


  2. I saw the one you mentioned in his newsletter. The dino and box in a cage is one of my favorite ones as well!



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