Saturday, July 7, 2012

Geek Superstar Puzzle

That's right people.  I’ve crossed the line this time.  I present to you the Geek Superstar Puzzle!!!  It was made by yours truly.  Well sort of because I didn’t make the dice and the actual puzzle design isn’t my own.  I’ve been messing around with puzzle design for a few weeks and I wanted to tell my story.  Renegade Puzzle forum is where some puzzle designers hang out and discuss puzzle design and such.  It’s a private forum so you need to request access.  I don’t believe the admission requirements are very strict.  Hell I got in.  So I was on the forum and I was told that a good book to get is Geometric Puzzle Design by Stewart Coffin.  I guess he is considered one of the great puzzle designers of our time.  I’m not going to review the book right now because there is still a lot I need to learn.  I read some of the book but I wanted to start designing something.  Neil suggested the half hour puzzle by Coffin.  So I decided to go with it.  I bought some bass wood from my local Hobby Lobby and a Japanese Pull Saw from Home Depot.  I think I paid about 15 dollars for everything.  So I cut the wood and glued the pieces together.  I used some sand paper that I had from an old project and smoothed the sides a bit.  Overall, I wasn’t very impressed with my first attempt because it didn’t hold together very well.  
In the Coffin book, he mentioned that if you can make cubes accurately then there are many puzzles that can be made.  I needed to find cubes because of budget and skill constraints.  I found a solution in my old warhammer 40,000 box.  A set of gaming dice!  I told you guys I’m a geek.  Deal with it.  The set came with 27 gaming dice in a dice container.  So I super glued the dice together using the half hour puzzle design method and the finished product fit quite nicely in the container.  I’m very happy with the results.  I decided to call it the Geek Superstar Puzzle because it’s a beautiful combination of sci-fi gaming and puzzle design awesomeness.  Either that or I was going to call it “Not Invited” ;)  The puzzle is composed of six pieces and the objective is to assemble them to form a 3x3x3 cube.  There are many different versions of this type of puzzle.  The interesting thing about this particular puzzle design is that there is only one solution.  So if you want to make your own puzzles but don’t want to pay a lot of money to cut perfect cubes then using dice might be a good alternative.


  1. Well done! This is just the beginning! Before long you will have spent $1000s on tools, wood, workbenches and a CNC machine?

    The madness continues!


    1. That would be madness. Power tools and me don't go together to well. I would like to keep my fingers. Besides every time I walk by the power tools section the tools look at me and cackle. So I unplug a few and the rest get quiet.

  2. A good start with a good puzzle design.

  3. And did you aren't a real geek until you start buying your dice for puzzle making by the pound!
    Nicely done.



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