Sunday, July 8, 2012

Desperado Puzzle

Well puzzle people you can’t win them all and this puzzle has proven to be quite difficult.  The puzzle is called Desperado and is made and distributed by Puzzle Master.  It is rated a 10 out of 10 in difficulty and that is about right for me.  The objective of the puzzle is to remove the ring from the puzzle.  There are five “stairs” that you need to get through in order to release the ring.  The puzzle is well made but this will probably be the first of several puzzles that I’ve waited to review because they have proved to be a bit too much for me.  They will have to sit of the shelf for a while.  It was a bit frustrating to have been unable to solve this one but it was humbling.  Some problems take a bit of time and patience to solve and that is ok.  Unlike life, we have the solution webpage, which might be helpful if you want to go that way.  


  1. The solution to this one is long and arduous but really shouldn't be beyond you! Think binary numbers!

    The solution will come young paduan. The force is strong with you!!!


  2. Sorry I'm a Sith now. Keyword scissors.

    1. So disappointing!! Return to the light young one!

  3. If you start seeing people levitating in mid air in your OR while gasping for air that's all me. Just thought you should know.

  4. The problem with string puzzles is that they can become hopelessly tangled. Has this happened yet? It is good to get your hands on a string that can be disconnected, although I'm sure Kevin would not approve! I have one such string with little metal pieces on the ends that unscrew. I got it off another puzzle. Kind of like training wheels for your bike.

  5. Training wheels!!!!!! Shame on you George.

  6. Abraham Jacob makes disentanglement puzzles, and his strings can be disconnected and then reconnected so that you can untangle the string and put it back in the puzzle. It is not considered cheating to use it to remove a tangle in his puzzles! Of course, you cannot use this to actually SOLVE the puzzle, just to prevent tangles and get back to the start. There is a photo of one of his puzzles on Rob Steggman's disentanglement page ... it's called "Coiled Two Stepper".



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