Sunday, June 17, 2012

Lunatic Lock Puzzle

This week I will be talking about the Lunatic Lock.  This is my first trick lock.  I had never heard of trick lock puzzles until I started my mechanical puzzle collection.  In a nutshell, a trick lock is a type of puzzle where opening the lock doesn’t solely occur through the placement and turning of a designated key or through dialing in the correct combination.  In fact, the Lunatic Lock cannot be open with a key or combination method.  All you have is the lock and what appears to be a bolt that can move up and down.  That is it.  This puzzle was a lot of fun to solve and took me a while to find the solution.  Don’t worry if it takes a while to solve.  You can easily take it with you.  The solution method is interesting and requires a specific movement.  The only complaint about this puzzle is the sharp edges.  The puzzle isn’t pleasant to handle and I do think that it would have been a better experience if the edges were smoother.  I think I might end up filing down those edges a bit to make the thing more comfortable to hold.  I received this puzzle from Puzzle Master and if you need the solution then check out their solution page.  If you really do like trick locks and have a little extra coin then I would suggest a Popplock.  Popplocks are hand made by a German fellow by the name of Rainer Popp.  While they are a bit price they are very nice.  Please check out some of the reviews from fellow puzzle bloggers as they do seem like a real treat.  

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