Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Two Keys Puzzle

Hello puzzlers!!!  Back for extreme close ups and bad jokes I see.  Well I can’t really see you…. Or can I.  I’m looking at you one eyed purple people eater.  As you can tell, I carefully plan my intros.  So, the puzzle hidden behind door number three is called Two Keys by Jean Claude Constantin.  In a nutshell, this puzzle is what happens when a laser gun asks an innocent piece of wood for all its money and the wood refuses…. Ok ok what I mean is that the wood is laser cut to form the two mazes found on this puzzle.  However, if we lived in a world where laser guns and wood had human characteristics then my scenario would be perfectly plausible.  

The objective of the puzzle is to remove the metal peg from the puzzle by navigating it through the two different puzzles.  The maze on the front is different from the one on the back.  The maze found on the front can slide left or right.  You can also move the metal peg.  I really like maze puzzles because they are not very hard and they don’t take a long time to solve.  This is also the case for this puzzle.  I welcome this characteristic of the puzzle because my brain is still recovering from some of the other puzzles I tackled a few weeks ago.  Overall, it is a good puzzle.  The sliding action is nice for a wooden puzzle and it’s something that can easily fit in your pocket.  

I got this puzzle from PuzzleMaster.  Although, as of this moment they don’t have it in stock and I was not able to find it elsewhere.  Please leave a message in the comments section if you know where the puzzle can be purchased.  I would like to open up the comments section for this post to random topics.  Go nuts people but keep it clean.  I’ll start it off.  I wish they had a White Castle burger restaurant in my town.  What fast food joint would you like in your city?  Let us know.   


  1. First I would like to encourage you. Being a "Rookie" (okay, I don't think you're one), you did pretty well on puzzling and blogging. I, too, were a starter on puzzles and blogs, so hey nice to meet you. As of the Two Keys puzzles, they were in stock again. Puzzlemaster is a good website, and usually don't let puzzles stay out of stock for a long time.

    Random topic? Mos Burger. LOL

  2. Thanks for the encouragement and info Will!!! The nice thing doing this blog is all the people that I've met. The history and story behind the puzzles is also pretty cool. Although, I'd watch out for John Devost. That dude is kind of weird ;)

  3. Hi Moises,

    My Two Keys puzzle also came from PuzleMaster, but you can also find it at Hendrik Haak's Puzzle Shop for €10.

    Cheers ;-)

  4. Hi, when I started to write about puzzles I saw a lot of zero in my stats. Still there are some bad days. I think more content is more reader and this require a little patience and time.

  5. I think it is important is to have fun with it. I end up laughing a lot while I'm typing which probably looks quite odd and makes for a weird post :)

  6. Welcome to the club! Soon you will realise that blogging becomes expensive as you start growing your collection! But I think this addiction is probably better than other forms of addiction :-)

  7. Hello Jerry. I've been looking into making my own puzzles. I don't know if that is the most inexpensive method to obtain puzzles but it would be fun as long as I don't cut myself in half.

  8. I like any food city! Hahaha, how would I possibly connect that topic here? Anyway, this reminded me of my best friend. She loves the kinds of puzzles posted here. Some people can probably say that such puzzles are only for men, but my best friend doesn’t really believe that. For her, everyone’s equal when it comes to thinking… I actually agree, and I support her on small puzzle contests every time. I must admit, she did get a lot of rewards from those too and I’m one proud best friend. ;)
    Diede School



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