Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Medallion Puzzle

This is a review about the Medallion Puzzle designed by Oskar van Deventer and manufactured by the Japanese puzzle company named Hanayama. This version of the puzzle is also exclusively licensed to the Puzzle Master company.  The Objective of this puzzle is to free the puzzle pieces through navigating a series of mazes.  When I started this puzzle, I tried to move the two pegs found in the center of the puzzle.  I won’t go into the solution method but let’s just say that an alternative approach is required.  The puzzle has four mazes.  The two mazes on the gold tone side are different from the two on the silver toned side.  To complicate things further, the mazes on each face are also different.  I think the fun part of solving this puzzle was trying to understand the relationship between the different mazes.  In the end, it did take me a little bit longer to assemble the puzzle than to dissemble it.  

The puzzler might want to take note of how the Puzzle Master emblem is positioned once you take the puzzle apart.  I ended up reassembling the puzzle with the emblem upside down.  Not a big deal, because I had some more fun solving the puzzle again.  Another detail to take note is that there is a washer located inside the puzzle between the gold and silver toned plates.  Some care is required when taking the puzzle pieces apart because the washer is small and can be easily lost.  However, I don’t think this takes away from the puzzle.

Oskar and the Hanayama Company continue to demonstrate that if you want a high quality puzzle for a good price, they are the way to go.  For twenty dollars, I think this is an excellent puzzle because it is challenging, sturdy, looks nice, and a joy to solve.  I received this puzzle from Puzzle Master and if you need the solution then click here


  1. I really liked the Medallion puzzle. Aesthetically stunning and very fun to solve.

    Cheers ;-)

  2. I enjoyed this one too. It is interesting that it is also available via other means. It was a giveaway to all contestants at the International Mathematical Olympiad held in Amsterdam (Oskar's home city) in 2011. The original puzzle had the symbol of the Mathematical Olympiad rather than the Puzzle Master logo. I got mine from Wil Stijbos (who I think got them directly from Oskar)

  3. Yup I guess there are a few version.

    The plastic one available through shapeways.


    The one available through Sloyd. Although as of this moment they are out of stock


    Maybe there are more versions but I don't know of them.



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