Tuesday, April 3, 2012

3D Crystal Skull Puzzle

Oh yeah people, we have something really cool today!!!  Just as a disclaimer, this is going to be a chessy fanboy review of the puzzle because I love it so much.  You’ve been warned.  This is the 3D Crystal Skull Puzzle made by Bepuzzled.  How much do you think this puzzle costs?  I’ll let you know that info in a little bit.  For now, let’s talk about the puzzle!!!  This is basically a jigsaw puzzle made up of 48 pieces except the puzzle pieces go in layers and you end up with a killer looking skull!  Have a mentioned that I love skulls?  Lol!!!  Tell that to someone on your first date.  

This puzzle looks sooooooo sweet.  I’ve never done a 3D puzzle before so there were some things that I needed to learn.  First off, the puzzle pieces are clear so as the skull started taking shape, I needed to feel out the insertion areas for the next puzzle piece.  I started with the top part of the skull and held it in one hand while placing pieces with the other.  Maybe I had butterfingers that night, but the pieces would occasionally fall out of my hands.  I would recommend doing this puzzle in a carpeted area to lessen the chance of breaking a puzzle piece.  I would also recommend turning on some dark music like KMFDM, Nine Inch Nails, or Ministry.  It adds to the mood :) This puzzle took me about two hours to complete.  The main reason was that I kept looking up all my favorite industrial and alternative music.

This puzzle gives you a special treat when you are almost complete.  The thing comes with a clear bolt that you actually screw in to keep all the pieces together!!!  That’s right, you put a bolt through the skull!!!  Furthermore, there is a little hollow area in the center of the skull.  I was thinking about placing a little L.E.D. light in there.  Wouldn’t that be cool!?!?  Do I recommend this puzzle?  Oh hell yeah!!!  In fact, I was seriously considering changing my avatar to one of the pics from the review.  In the end, you get a decent challenge putting it together.  When done, you are left with what I consider a work of art.  Oh and I got this puzzle at my local Barnes and Noble for eleven bones.  Some places sell it for a lot more.  If you do a little shopping around, you can find it for a good price.  The pics speak for themselves.  Well time to go and stare at my crystal skull until I pass out.  My precious………..  


  1. Now all you need is one of those light plates to put it on! Cool stuff that!

  2. I'm thinking about finding some way to add it too my Halloween costume this year. Maybe a skull staff!!! I think I hear it calling me. I have to go ;)

  3. Good write-up...found a place in Singapore that sells it! Going to get one myself!

  4. Moses, I can't tell from your photos, but is the screw rod hidden, what I mean is the top of the screw visible after you have screwed in to hold all the pieces together?

  5. It's a hidden treat but it is there. There is a top piece that covers the screw head. If I remember correctly you also get a generic plastic flat head screw driver.

  6. Hey man, what LED would you recommend for my 3D Skull? Plus I was thinking of one that couebe held stable by the bolt. P.S. I love skulls too. I have one as a hood ornament on my truck.



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